PUF Panels


BNAL PUF sandwich panels are manufactured on a Cannon sandwich panel foaming plant imported from Italy. The PUF panels are manufactured using high quality two component CFC Free PU systems. Poly Urethane Foam Filled Sandwich Panels are used for providing thermal & sound insulation. These are light in weight & have good strength.


Renovations tips and tricks

Corner Panel

Insulated corner panels facilitate joint – less corners, Size 300 x 300 mm


Renovations tips and tricks

Cam Lock Arrangement

Cam Lock Arrangement provides strong interlocking between ceiling, wall, door frame, floor corner and T panels, The cam lock provides perfect and strong alignment between the panel joints. There are spaced at equal distances along the perimeter of the panels foamed strongly into the panels.


Renovations tips and tricks

Tongue and Groove

Another special feature of our panels is the tongue and groove joining arrangement. In this arrangement the panels are interlocked together by tongue and groove arrangement made in the outer skin of the panels. This arrangement is especially useful for panels which are less than 50 mm thick.


Technical Properties

BNAL PUF Panels are manufactured to meet the following technical specifications:

Density Density 40 ± 2 Kg/m3
Compressive Strength Compressive Strength 2.1 kg/cm2 at 10% deformation
Tensile Strength Tensile Strength 3.7 kg/cm2
Bending Strength Bending Strength 4.0 kg/cm2
Adhesion Strength Adhesion Strength 2.9 kg/cm2 Foam to Steel
Dimensional Stability ( 48 hrs ) -25°C - 0.1%
-38°C & 90% RH - 0.1%
-100°C - 0.4%
Closed Cell Content 90 – 95%
Temperature Range -180°C to + 110°C
Thermal Conductivity at 10°C
( Design Value 0.020 k.cal/m hr0C or 0.023 W/m.k )
0.018 k.cal/ m.hr0C
Water Vapor Permeability 0.08 – 0.12 gms/hrm2 (at 90% RH & 38°C)